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"Trans-Flo Transfer System paid for itself with lower fuel cost and wear-and-tear on our trucks."

MJ, Jones & Sons

Quality engineering and manufacturing for product performance and reliability

For the past quarter centry Trans-Flo has been the innovative leader in pneumatic handling equipment for the efficient movement of cement and fly ash in ready mix plants.

Our success is no accident. From the beginning our objective has been to design equipment; select materials, motors and controls; and manufacture as efficiently as possible with precise quality control to assure reliable, long-lasting performance with minimum maintenance. Hundreds upon hundreds of Trans-Flo customers can testify to the achievement of our objectives.

Pictured here are selected views in our manufacturing facilites which illustrate some of the important aspects of our processes and procedures.

Contemporary SUPERMAX machining center machines end bells with speed and precision repeatability.


Accurate face machining of end bells meets stringent engineering requirements.

A batch of completed end plates ready for the hard chrome plating so essential to wear resistance.

Machining the center grease groove inpacking glands to provide for necessary lubrication.

Precision drilling of vane shafts to provide for proper pinning and alignment.


Careful manual assembly and inspection of vanes is critical to high performance standards.

Group of completed vane assemblies ready for installation in Trans-Flo Feeder Units.

Trans-Flo Model 2000 feeder completely assembled and ready for protective final painting.

A pair of Trans-Flo Model 2000 Feeders ready for shipment. Note rugged wood pallets and heavy duty plastic wrap.

Extensive parts inventories are continuously maintained to assure rapid customer service.

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